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The Bible's Influence is a 24-page special section insert published by The Washington Times on December 12, 2014. It includes articles written by leading experts in the field representing areas that have been influenced by the Bible: literature, art, music, American history, women, character, and culture, plus many more.

Essentials in Education Newsletter, Back-to-School Edition, September, 2015, introduces the newly released "Freedom in America Series." The series highlights for high school students and adult learners the reasons why the citizens of the United States enjoy their status as free people. The series employs primary-source documents so students can trace the ideas of freedom throughout U.S. history.

Essentials in Education Newsletter, International Version, October 2015, introduces the organization to the global community and provides an overview of the many resources that support academic instruction. Entering the international market takes Essentials in Education to a new level in its mission of Creating Academic Content that Enriches Lives Globally.


International Activities Academic Symposia

Academic Symposia will be held in the Philippines, Australia, and India.
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